In the Beninging...

Discover the Heart and Soul of South African Cuisine: Story at Chesanyama.

A Uniquely South African Story

The aim of Chesanyama was to fuse the idea of a traditional South African braai with the township shisa nyama, which is a gathering of friends and family to braai meat at nearby shopping centers. South Africans may all agree that braaiing is a cultural phenomena that is affordable and satisfying.


From as early as one can remember Chesanyama has always emphasised making use of local ingredients and methods in order to create a genuine and authentic South African experience for the clients 

Quality service & offers

Like any good Braai, chesanyama doesn’t compromise on its spices, sauces, and quality cut meat and chicken.


It’s straight from South Africa’s soil to our kitchens. Along with quality, we provide a variety of portions, deals, and combinations of meals making sure that there is always something for you.


To be the leading fast-food restaurant providing quality and authentic African cuisine to people around the world.


To deliver an exceptional experience that satisfies the cravings of our customers and exceeds their expectations in every visit.


Chesanyama is a celebration of African culture and cuisine, providing an authentic and delicious fast-food experience that brings people together.

 Our passion for food is reflected in every dish we serve, crafted with love, and made from the freshest ingredients. We are committed to providing a warm and inviting atmosphere that makes our customers feel at home.

Join The Chesanyama Family

When you are buying a Chesanyama franchise, you’re not just investing in a business opportunity – you’re becoming a part of the larger community.