Here at Chesanyama we specialise in serving delicious meat dishes prepared using traditional braai methods. The menu at Chesanyama is inspired by the diverse and flavourful cuisine of South Africa and features a wide range of meats, sides and sauces that are sure to satisfy your cravings.


Crazy Burger

Crazy Burger
Crazy Burger & Chips
Crazy Burger & Chips with 300ml Coke

R 41.90
R 52.90
R 63.90

Beast Burger

Beast Burger
Beast Burger & Chips

R 114.90
R 125.90

Cheese Burger

Cheese Burger
Cheese Burger & Chips
Flame Double Cheeseburger
Flame Double Cheeseburger & Chips

R 51.90
R 62.90
R 66.90
R 77.90

Family Meals

Family Chicken Meal

Full Chicken, Chips, 2x Rolls & Coleslaw

R 224.90

Family Braai Meal

2x Wors, 2x Brisket, 2x Thighs & Chips

R 291.90

Full Chicken

Full Chicken
Full Chicken, Chips or Pap & Gravy

R 154.90
R 189.90

Famous Wors Meal

1m Wors, Chips & 2x Rolls
1m Wors, Chips & 2x Rolls with 1.5L Coke Zero

R 226.90
R 246.90

Combo Meals

Snack Box

Russian, Drumstick & Chips

Russian, Drumstick & Chips with 500ml Predator

R 49.90

R 60.90

Meat Braai Box

200g Brisket, 150g Wors, Coleslaw, Pap & Gravy

R 99.90

Feast Box

200g Brisket, Chips & Coleslaw

R 73.90

Braai Box

1/4 Chicken, 150g Wors, Pap & Gravy


Lunch Box

Chicken Thigh, 150g Wors & Chips


Chicken Braai Cuts


1x Chicken Thigh

1x Chicken Thigh, Chips or Pap & Gravy

R 23.90

R 40.90

1/4 Chicken

1/4 Chicken

1/4 Chicken, Chips or Pap & Gravy

R 37.90

R 51.90

1/2 Chicken

1/2 Chicken

1/2 Chicken, Chips or Pap & Gravy

R 80.90

R 104.90


2x Chicken Drumsticks

2x Chicken Drumsticks, Chips or Pap & Gravy

R 34.90

R 45.90

Kiddies Meals


Kiddies Burgers & Chips
Kiddies Burgers & Chips with 200ml Cappy Burst

R 29.90

R 36.90

Chicken Nuggets

4x Chicken Nuggets
4x Chicken Nuggets & Chips
9x Chicken Nuggets
9x Chicken Nuggets & Chips

R 20.90
R 24.90
R 39.90
R 44.90


Portuguese Roll
Pap & Relish

R 6.90
R 12.90


100g Russian & Chips
6x Snack Wings & Chips
12x Snack Wings & Chips

R 33.90
R 89.90
R 156.90


R 12.90
R 21.90
R 40.90
R 49.90
R 74.90

To view our menu in detail, please click on the link below to download the PDF version. Enjoy!